Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jeff, You WIll Be Missed, Always

Seems like I lose another one about every month.  This one hits home really hard, as Jeff and I had been back in touch in the last year, sharing stories of both recovery and relapse.  Jeff, I wish you had made it home to New Orleans sooner, and not via death.   If only I could have done more to help you, my dear friend...RIP, dear, dear friend.


  1. Eliza, I have followed your blog(s) for sometime now & it always seems we lose 2 many people before their time! I'm very, very sorry for your loss.
    I'm so happy that you were able to get away from addiction, now I am another story though! I was introduced to paregoric at birth, as I was born with a birth defect. When I was born, eons ago, paregoric was given to what ever ailed you. Never mind that I had just been born, it seemed to do the job. ( according 2 my late parents) Plus, I was adopted before I was even born! So, I do have allot to say, not sure where 2 even start! I have 2 grown son's. 1 will be 40 in late June, the other my "baby" will be 34 in October! Have a beautiful grand daughter too. Just thankful to be alive & now that I am older, I know that God is out there, watching over us all. Keep writing, I will keep reading! Blessings, Maureen

  2. Thank you, Maureen. I am glad you enjoy my writing. I have a couple of other writing projects going on, so I will post those here for you, too in the coming weeks. You have a fascinating story to tell, it seems! When I first started writing regularly again, I was not sure where to start, either. A friend encouraged me to start a blog, and I just started writing- anything, really. The blog format was easier for me to start of with because each entry is usually 1000 words or less, so it did not really force me to have a starting point, per se. I used that blog to put down all the 'stories' that I have, each one a separate blog post. So, one day I could tell a story about the first night I tried heroin, but then the next day could be a story about being in recovery. It made it easier to just put those stories down, in an informal manner, without worrying about grammar and all became a 'journal of my past', a journal of my addiction, so to speak. That first blog is called 'Hashish Dreams and Heroin Nightmares,' (I am not sure if you have read that one, but it is here on Blogger, too.) There is a lot of content on there. Some are stories from my past, which have since become parts of my memoir. There is a lot of poetry, too. And there are also a number of entries that are more like present day, journal entries. Now that I have been writing for a living, I still go back to that blog and find pieces there to work into a more polished story. That blog is also an interesting look at my progression as a writer. Many of the earlier entries are so unpolished, as I was searching for my voice as a writer, and was so out of practice! I went back to school while I was writing on Hashish Dreams and Heroin Nightmares, and then you can really see my writing as I began to polish it through my education. If you have not seen that blog, check it out...there is a lot of good stuff on there! Here is the link to that one. I also have a webpage, but I have not been posting much new stuff there lately, although I plan to start doing so again soon. It is dedicated to opiate addiction and recovery, and it is a combination of some personal writing and some news writing. The link to that one is You should consider started a blog! It is easy to do, and I would be happy to lead you through it. Email me anytime!
    Blessings to you, as well...

  3. Maureen...I just noticed that you have a blog!! Invite me! I would love to read it!!!